Modify an OWL SVG to 3D layered OWL SVG

We may have many SVG in flat one layer format, no problem for gutting, but sometimes it looks too simple and dull and bored.

How to change a plain SVG to a 3D layered SVG? it is not too hard, and you need some Adobe AI skills and times

We download an owl SVG here and unzip it, open the SVG with Adobe AI, you can see a straight black owl pattern. Go here for more

  1. We select this pattern and choose PATH, OFFSET Path
  2. Adjust the size you want, and we set it to 3mm
  3. Click OK
  4. A completely same owl pattern duplicated, but it is 3 mm more prominent than the then original one
  5. We select this more significant owl pattern and repeat step 1-3
  6. Another 3mm more significant owl pattern duplicated
  7. We fill the giant design to blue colour
  8. Arrange it send to back
  9. Then we serve the second big pattern to white colour
  10. Send it back and just on top of the blue one
  11. We supply the smallest print to red colour
  12. Leave the red colour pattern at the top
  13. Select three design and align to centre, both horizontal and verticle
  14. A US sign 3D owl is done
  15. Prepare three 5mm thick cardboard in blue, red, white colours
  16. Upload the 3D SVG to design space and sed to the cutter, colour by colour
  17. After all, cardboard cut in owl pattern
  18. Use glue to assembly them as design

Now you have a 3D OWL decoration for your home.

Very easy, try a few more times, and read more

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